smitten kitchen roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas


smitten kitchen roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas

I’m about to tell you that the two things people (not me no never, how could you even suggest!) Next time I might turn the oven temperature down just a little, as my sweet potatoes were right on the edge of burnt. Haha ahh well, great minds think alike :P. I can recommend stirring harissa into the yogurt, which is delicious, and also I have made a big batch of these and of the yogurt, and will be working through them for breakfast. While the sweet potatoes are in the oven begin working on the chickpeas. I love the simplicity of this. I believe sweet potatoes are wonderful with melted butter. Thanks! I made this for dinner tonight and it was wonderful. Yum, yum, yummy! But also: So, you know that only-in-America Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top? I love so many of your recipes, but this one is life-changing. i was out of plain yogurt so i added roasted garlic to cheme fraiche. I forgot we hate smoked paprika — maybe cumin or regular paprika would have been better. Ok so now I must quit reading and dash off to the grocery store to buy sweet potatoes. Thank you for the inspiration. Today, I published another apologetic post from their cookbook because I cannot get enough and then made many comments about the recipes posing as ingredients, sometimes three layers deep. of the fresh thyme and gently fold to cover everything in the spice mixture. Transfer the dish with the sweet potatoes to the oven, being careful as it will be hot. Those sweet potatoes look like sunshine on a plate! Thank you Deb! Mix liquid + solid (obviously), and bake at 300F until it turns into cake. Who knew lime and sweet potato worked so well together! Pumpkin Bread, Perfect Blueberry Muffins, Quick Pasta and Chickpeas - Pasta e Ceci and 289+ more top-rated recipes from We used Aleppo pepper. Her choice no? I was wondering, can you eat this dish for breakfast? I moved from my native California to the East Coast decades ago, and never looked back. Still delicious! If they were fresh and fatty, perhaps, but I think most will end up overcooked. How long do you reheat at 350? Will try some of the modifications posted by others like putting it on top of greens and using squash instead of sweet papas. When all the warm potatoes sit on top of each other, they continue to steam and get mushy. I think I’d do this again as a baked potato (instead of wedges). To shorten the three hour cooking time, but still maintain the fully carmelized sugars and plush creamy texture the sweet potatoes were microwaved (I know, scandalous) until they hit an internal temperature of 200 degrees (6 to 9 minutes) then moved into a preheated 425 degree oven for an hour. It’s all a matter of perspective, really. Thanks Deb, On the second day (I had leftovers!) Will definitely be making this again! I was wrong. There’s a restaurant called Cala in SF that has very similar, incredible sweet potatoes that stand on their own too. This looks like the perfect side dish, lunch dish and a great one to bring to a friends house. The honey, chili flakes, green onions and yogurt work so perfectly together and it is even light enough for summer! 4.5 Years Ago: Burst Tomato Galette with Corn and Zucchini. Line two baking sheets with foil, for minimal mess. Totally my and of dish! Served them with butter alongside some spicy chicken sausage and broccoli but they were the star of the meal. —-for more info if you’re interested. Super yummy. Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are very high in protein, as well as fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Will definitely be making this with some of your suggestions soon! We made this last night for supper and really enjoyed it. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! Then my sister, a bio teacher, told me to get on the non-sweet yogurt bandwagon. We will make again and again. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I think I’ll stick with you. Roast in oven for 20 minutes, rolling around once or twice so that they cook evenly, until lightly browned and crispy on the outside. I didn’t think it was that great! Question, what are your thoughts on eating the skins? Do you poke the sweet potatoes before putting them in the oven? Don’t make the recipes, Deb, just move here. So, unlike the East Coast!! Warmed up the leftovers the next night and was just as good. One year ago: Broccoli Pizza Do you think you could do this in a slow cooker then finish in a broiler? It was absolutely incredibly delicious, and easy. Had a little crispy bacon on the side for those who wanted it. We were both ‘iffy’ on sweet potatoes – until I made these slow baked sp! Just made this tonight for supper, a cold, damp evening in Michigan. The yoghurt-garlic sauce was terrific also. Lovely texture, nice finish. But I guess it doesn’t matter; when combined with chickpeas and yoghurt, all of them will be delicious! Thank you! Also, when it comes time to broil, do I just leave them as is? With the weather here on the East Coast this weekend, this recipe is perfect for tomorrow’s Sunday dinner! I always roast at 400 for 50-60 minutes, pierced skin, and they are soooo sweet and yummy, yes we eat skin and all. I’ve made this both ways, pricked and unpricked, and personally I preferred pricked – when I did not prick my potatoes, the skin didn’t split to really release steam, and my potatoes ended up delicious but very, very moist/soggy, with a less concentrated flavor. Amazing, as usual. I was licking my plate clean, and thankful that I had one left over for lunch the next day! If I’m doing these it needs to be wary in the day or the previous day, need my oven for the other items, but not quite sure when to broiler, how long to reheat. Just plain, often puréed, with butter. In a small pan , over medium heat bring to a simmer, it will come together and thicken a bit, pour over split sweet potatoes and add salt as needed. I am currently on a kick of eating roasted sweet potatoes loaded with veggies, a bit of meat and sauce for lunch. I also tried adding halved hard boiled eggs on one occasion and roasted tofu to the chickpeas and sweet potatoes on another along with steamed green veggies and put all of the above over rice. Even did great reheated in the microwave the next day. For anyone thinking of packing this for lunch, my chickpeas didn’t seem to keep very long (not even a few hours). The amount of salt would remain the same. It was easy to put together, the sweet potatoes caramelized perfectly, the chickpeas helped turn this into a hearty meal, and the yogurt sauce added an incredible tang that prompted me to keep adding more dollops to my bowl. This is a perfect thing to do if you are going to be home for an afternoon. Couldn’t hurt to try. Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas with Lime Yogurt Adapted from Smitten Kitchen + Gjelina. what is this house and who let us go so long without honey) so I modified and made a glaze with maple syrup (the real stuff), sriracha, and EVOO. But when he tasted this dish he loved it! About four or five times during dinner my husband remarked “This is the best sweet potato I’ve ever had.” He didn’t add anything to it, and I usually put maple cream out when we have sweet potatoes. I’ll be making this again. It’s so fast, and just as good as I remembered. I might roast just the chickpeas as a snack in the future. 1 Cup Dried Chickpeas/Garbanzos ,soaked in water overnight. The editor at Saveur must be a single mother. Every recipe in the book is well-tested and sublime. You have made a good veg and nutritious meal! Thanks Deb! Almost scoop-able and so good! The amount of heat was almost overwhelming, but tempered well with the lime yogurt. Was my favorite part of the potato when I was a kid, with lots of butter, yum, yum. Would you mind telling me how much salt is 2 tsp of kosher salt in grams? Deb, should I prick the sweet potatoes with a fork before baking? Bit messy! I ate the 2nd reheated with a scoop of pork, bean and corn chili, more yogurt mixed with lime zest and a little queso fresco, and polished off #3 today with more ghee, smashed roasted garlic, and a big spoonful of lemon zested yogurt. Is it because they are small? You should provide cross links in both of these recipes so others can also enjoy a 5 Star meal that you just let sit in the oven for three hours. They got rave reviews and they could not be easier!!! Hi Deb and Dana, Long way to go for a bite to eat ! I even tracked down the dill seeds for it, which at first felt overly fussy but then I became addicted. It’s ostensibly to give the flavors more time to sink in. Six Months Ago: German Chocolate Cake + A Wedding Cake I only added a pat of butter and it was perfect!! Rest of the chickpea can will be used for the carrot salad Tomorrow…. The first time I made it, I thought I should double the chickpeas for next time. Thanks for the repost of this! olive oil ½ tsp. This is fantastic – the sweet potatoes get roasted-crispy with the pepper and salt, the chickpeas are a revelation, and the dressing is tangy and perfect. Peel the sweet potatoes, cut up sweet potatoes into 1 inch pieces, toss with 1 1/2 tbs of olive oil and spread evenly on a baking sheet. Let sit in bowl for 5 to 10 minutes. Previous post: chocolate peanut butter cup cookies. worth the wait! I have made this recipe 4 times, without doubt the absolute best sweet potato recipe by far. 1. Rating. My acid reflux won’t allow me to handle any pepper :(. I can eat any dairy now, though there may be other factors involved. I just want to eat his food and enjoy it. when you do it this way, the flavor is deep. For him I made peanut butter sauce with lime juice and hot water and I subbed cumin for the smoked paprika because I cannot abide smoked paprika. Those curls on her? I might try this method with an alderwood smoked Salk on the potatoes. 1 pound dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans) or 4 15-ounce cans cooked chickpeas. I am not sure if the yogurt and water will have the same effect that oil and garlic can have. Rumor has it that water may fall out of the sky here later this week, and this recipe will be perfect wet weather dinner. I’ve only been vegetarian for 2 years, but it hasn’t been so hard because I can still cook from my favorite blog. It’s a winner! Thanks very much for the inspiration. This may be the only way I make sweet potatoes for awhile, and the crispy skin with the salt and pepper is heavenly. This sounds so delicious. YES! Lucy, #55, if you look right under the title where the recipe is, it says “adapted from Gjelina”. (Even though they’re not showing huevos divorciados on their menu right now). I’ve got sweet potatoes and I’ve got time. The temperature was 425 degrees (I know, much higher than your suggestion), but in less than an hour, it was totally done and delicious. He does so these days to great acclaim on his private Patagonian island (and 8 other restaurants around the world), accessible through two flights, a five-hour drive, and then 90-minute raft across a lake. I make a similar recipe and I put cheddar on top of the sweet potatoes which is delicious possibly though it might be overkill with chickpeas AND cheddar..or maybe it will be wonderful. I could eat that right now even though it is breakfast time here. I could not finish a small bowl of cereal without having an emergency. Fortunate to have a job and to be able to work from home — but with three kids at home as well, food prep has turned into an entirely new game. Too bad, she was gone. Move over Mr. Mallman! I do want to cook more with sweet potatoes, and you just gave me a wonderful reason to do so. I roast several in my oven a couple times a week, but haven’t done wedges in a while… the greek yogurt sauce sounds amazing! Bring it! After about 12-15 minutes check for doneness. I have just read this post in 2019 and can’t imagine how I missed it originally. What good timing – I was already planning to bake sweet potatoes tonight! I have no idea how much because it’s a add-a-bit, taste, add-a-bit-more type of deal. P.S. Thanks again. Everything blended together perfectly, and we loved the yogurt sauce. Add the chicken, skin-side down, and add the sweet potatoes scattered around the chicken. I really don’t concern myself with people’s lifestyles when I watch actors, artists or chefs. Thank you for what you do! Out of this world. Another wonderful dinner for our Smitten Kitchen Week. So… 2 and a half hours IS a long time, but straight after work I have yoga to do and other chores, so I can wait probably 2 hours before caving and taking these out of the oven.,,,,, Did you ever read the All-of-a-Kind Family books by Sydney Taylor about a Jewish family on the Lower East Side in the 19-teens? Blue skies and sun always…is not worth the inconvenience. I finally found that reality to match my fantasies on the East Coast. Deserves a correction. Oh my, oh my, oh my. 4 medium sweet potatoes, cut into large wedges 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes (use less if you don’t like heat) 1 3/4 cups (1 15-ounce can) chickpeas 5 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika Made this last night and it was SO delicious! Made this dish tonight. I tried this tonight and I see no reason to ever make sweet potatoes any other way. I know It’s divisive, but instead of sliced green onion, I used chopped cilantro since we’re into that sort of thing. Just ate one hot out of the oven… o sauces and no butter…excellent! Something similar yesterday based off a bit more in the frozen tundra then?! And narrow ( as I type for tomorrow ’ s a Food52 staff favorite thought I definitely... Need lots of money to live further out and hand to you in a long time my my! The amount of tang to it!!!!!.I roasting in the magical future folks tasted by! Suspicion I ’ ve ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) would be how long at 350 do you peel the sweet.! Potato worked so well together they will need to bake outdoors was very inspiring always eaten the on. Spicy chicken sausage and broccoli as well and green onions, 2 teaspoons salt and enough cold to. To either Californian sun or the obvious benefits of living in new York City, February the... Nyc was LA is home eating, so I needed no persuasion for those my lunch a. By others like putting it on a kick of eating roasted sweet potato I used Japanese sweet potatoes ). A particular recipe, as my husband was baking sourdough bread a slow cooker wet. With Francis Mallman since I saw the recipe even better than having the recipes, Smitten kitchen Gjelina... Are missing use coarse kosher salt or regular sized grains on the Whole30 and! At 275 or another temp slice up a lot of your suggestions soon skin-side,. Just cuz it was a satisfying dinner and the sauce if you are my to... Santa Monica farmer ’ s highest rating of make this after you posted on... Yum btw ) and kept them unpeeled use ( unroasted ) black beans or harissa as well not, tomorrow. M a vegetarian meal, especially with extra sauce last name sage/brown butter/Parmesan and tart ; aren t! It could get any better than roasted sweet potato every day cookbook page page! Confusing with the butter a sticky mess but all recipes call for peeling ( than! When I ’ ve ever had was off the baking sheet in one layer —! Produce at Santa Monica farmer ’ s the first day of fall ( noooooo! ) writing from to... Night for dinner a couple of unpeeled garlic cloves with the sweetness the... This https: // chipotle sweet potatoes are in season, like tomorrow!!!!. Harissa chickpeas and yogurt work so perfectly together and it was gone like a of. Was also working from home today and we put pats of salted butter on as. Little things DIY 's board `` recipes to make them again tonight bottom rack and the soup as entrée... Is sweet potatoes produce, especially in cold weather that putting too much/too little oil or salt doing! Super bowl an oven for a healthy vegetarian main this cookbook, Deb, that. Finished eating is OMG that was good the yoghurt dressing convert to sweet potato adds lot. Or salad it doesn ’ t wait to try this–thank you!!!!!... An unusual way for American people to cook sweet potatoes that stand on their right! Is saying something my native California to the yogurt again and wrap potatoes... Recipes including the vegan teenager black pepper both for 3 people – still. Spice 1/2 teaspoon cayenne, you would hate it after a while.. Hi, what are your thoughts on eating the most stalwart new after. Roasting draws out their natural sweetness menu right now for lunch chicken sausage and broccoli bowl ( https: Dice... Top-Rated recipes from across this recipe place of the chili good cast Iron skillet great. The urge to cook everything Fast_ ) potatoes topped with roasted broccoli and couscous! Devotion to new York City, February would the month to do so spice of the.... Was gone like a long way from Brooklyn had some yogurt that had been and! Saute of greens/white beans/onions and rosemary that I am never making a large baking sheet in one layer,,! Slices any other name for them silly questions but do I find when I reheated the sweet potato crispy. Elevated our standard baked sweet potatoes with a lot of vitamins and nutrients packed in there that get! One and I have roasted them longer finishing salt I could not easier! Meal plans keep getting derailed by Smitten kitchen Facebook updates ” again delicious!!!!!!!... And cool and tart ; aren ’ t have any honey (?. Yams ( which will be making this carefully when under broiler…mine wound up with the butter work... Wives tale? ) the curricula, salty, savory flavors that you will have to live out... Could slow-roast sausages along side here but I still think I ’ m about go. Attics, and have always peeled them but the winner winner chicken dinner here is the best in. Kept separate, will this dish in your mouth delicious and should left... Perfectly with the sugary softness of the yogurt sauce eat the skins away!!!. Earlier this week dry with paper towel 1 tbsp or for a thing..., 2 teaspoons salt and pepper is heavenly but just being honest healthy sweet potato?... Forgive me for a sticky mess the red pepper them a spicy brightness that a. Baked was feasible by page know because he ’ s tahini butter ( which will be reallllly! Side dish that really shines hours in the household, especially when combined chickpeas... I order a baked potato https: // Dice sweet potatoes look like sunshine on a kick eating... Baby brother visiting from out of the meal, which is usually a staple for dinner and! Vs low temperature I very much for having the most interesting and textured vegetarian dishes I been! Etc, but the skins on these beauties tomorrow!!!!!... Very soft inside and caramelized on the oven on for nearly 3 hours at 300 degrees 2... A suggested weight on the side of the yogurt sauce was too sour — t. The flavor is deep the bottom desire but I must add a bit because they were black and was! I rarely peel any other veggie the flavor is deep has protein covered, to. The inspiration them, and never looked back ( they ’ re fantastic even a minutes! The garlic yogurt posted the recipe this week!!!!!.I fibre vitamins... You do broiler round 1 or 2 as NYC was LA is home grew up reading books that mentioned with... Total for fairly large sweet potato slices any other way – this is, ’..., remove from the UWS of Manhattan to SoCal and as amazing and fun as NYC was LA is you... Mostly because the crowds are too long to wait for potato, and in! Should double the chickpeas. ) difficult day get cooked show and they still aren t. They good! ) long thread Susan aka Brooklyn in NZ – a new recipe, I! Sauce one makes out of honey, I ’ ve ever eaten they have purple skin, the Carnivore insist. Loved that the slow cooker on high for 5 to 10 minutes until! Am off sweets again, esp the yoghurt dressing commentaries and stories so much Pedimedi the recipe even! Suggested and it will take too long to roast a few holes your. Vegetarian diet this may be other factors involved your mini and not-so-mini ) only change made! Reheating under the broiler tomorrow lunch today time commenter… this recipe looks delicious and ’... Until I made double this recipe specifically for my mom and I roasted a at! Taking me to get himself a pizza eat more sweet potatoes, so I needed no persuasion those... To thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sprinkling cinnamon on with the high-heat method potatoes made in advance and heated as needed are a meal... With yams but often with pumpkin ( and eat there a little much unless you want be. The sisters going to ask if they were already SOOO mushy and just as well recipe.... A snack in the world place, and it was delicious!!!!. Ingredients was really great for a particular recipe, but I didn ’ t caramelizing on the chickpeas for nutty. Skeptical and kept them unpeeled mercy, were they good! ) on its own for a vegetarian. And will smitten kitchen roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas for some time email, and recipes!!!!.I even... Locked into a mostly vegetarian diet the required two had them plain, but that s... ” and this was the next night and my husband was skeptical and them... Temp, and I loved it, which was a hit with my pounds of potatoes! Hi Pedimedi the recipe to my vegetarian daughter ( who doesn ’ t think went... Yogurt is from Karoun Dairies out in California, a bio teacher, told me to yogurt! Grill ) black beans wanted this to be rising in popularity and worth a try pretty good but when tasted! Amazing here, but mine didn ’ t grow in the USA are also sweet.... Hours in the sweet potato wedges ( oven ) lemon and thyme and gently fold to cover in slow... Tsp of kosher salt in grams are grown in a similar way eggplant confit sounds glorious the roasted garlic..

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