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La Gazette de l’Université d’Ottawa a récemment publié une interview dans laquelle je partage ma vision de l’impératif d’internationalisation de l’Université et du rôle de l’enseignement supérieur dans les enjeux mondiaux de nos jours.

J’y ai aussi parlé de mon rôle à l’Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA)

Voir ici.

Gazette de l’Université d’Ottawa


Internationalization by design: An Intentional Comprehensive Internationalization framework.

In 2015-2016, I started the development of an integrated framework showing how a comprehensive internationalization strategy could be intentionally designed as networked system. It has to be systemic across the three dimension of the mandate of the institution, that is Research, Education and Community Services. It has also to integrate the Administration and the Governance of Internationalization.

The framework is network-based one and illustrates a new type of organizations, in the era of connected generation and a new type of leadership.

Presentation can be downloaded here.

“[The] reduction into parts and the proliferation of separations has characterized not just organizations, but everything in the Western world during the past three hundred years. We broke knowledge into separate disciplines and subjects, built offices and schools with divided spaces, developed analytic techniques that focus on discrete factors, and even counselled ourselves to act in fragments, to use different “parts” of ourselves in different settings.”

Wheatley, Margaret J. “Leadership and the New Science.” Berrett-Koehler Publishers.



2018 AIEA Conference

2018 AIEA Conference

I attended the 2018 AIEA conference in Washington DC from 19 to 22 of February. As usual, this event is the best venue to meet Senior International Officers from more than 40 countries and to meet with a few number of selected providers on international education services in the world.

Hot topic thematic this year: The Internationalization Imperative in Turbulent Times.

I facilitated the AIEA workshop on the role of the the University and the SIO in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, and presented with my colleagues from University of Toronto and McGill University a Canadian perspective on Internationalizing in turbulent times. We shared some examples of initiatives taken by Canadian universities and organizations to help refugees and students and scholars at risk. A second presentation with my colleagues from Harvard University and National Taiwan University about the University Leadership in turbulent times allowed us to interact with a group of more than 40 participants about the responsibility of the University in communicating, helping and supporting students and faculty in this era of clash of globalization. Our presentations will be added soon to the Conference web page.

Few Highlights from the Conference:

  • The AIEA is currently in a Strategic planning phase. A new strategy will be developed and published early 2019. I am glad to participate in the Strategic Planning Task Force.
  • The closing Plenary was the bouquet  with the 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian peace activist, trained social worker and women’s rights advocate. She is an inspiration and living example of the dedication for human development.
  • The Canadian sector of Internationalization of Higher Education was very well represented by colleagues from Universities of Alberta,  British Columbia, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, McGill, Waterloo, Simon Fraser, Langara, Ryerson, Western, McMaster, Carleton, Sherbrooke, Thompson Rivers, BCCIE, Global Affairs Canada.
  • The Innovation Award this year goes to the Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, for a project on Internationalization of the curriculum in a Global Health Program.
  • The Klasek Award goes to Dr. Susan Sutton for her contributions to the field of International Education.


Conference material is being made available here and pictures here.




About UBC in Asia






Business in Vancouver has visited our office in Hong Kong for Asia Pacific Region. You can read the article here.


Interview à Radio Canada Vancouver

France Alumni

En décembre 2015, à l’occasion du lancement du réseau France Alumni, j’ai donné une interview à la radio francophone de Radio Canada à Vancouver que l’on peut écouter ici.

A Radio Canada Vancouver

A Radio Canada Vancouver, Décembre 2015

Avec Rafael Pont, attaché culturel au Consulat général de France à Vancouver

Avec Rafael Pont, attaché culturel au Consulat général de France à Vancouver