important swiss festivals


important swiss festivals

Swiss7 - Travel guide to Switzerland, infos on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Overview of holidays and many observances in Switzerland during the year 2021 Winterthur is only a half an hour train ride from Zürich. Cattle drive. The canton Valais is the largest wine growing region in Switzerland, and the VINEA Wine Fest is their largest wine fair. Costumed riders on horseback circle a field, followed by a large group of spectators. From Lausanne: 43 minutes by train and bus; From Geneva: 38/43 minutes by train and bus. Major events – facts and figures. The coming home of the cows is celebrated with a large farmers market with over 30 stalls, food and music. Typical Ticino flair: The celebration of the end of summer with an outdoor fair, delicious food, dance, music, artists and entertainers. From Interlaken: 1 hour 40 to just over 2 hours, depending on the connection; Saturday night: crowning of the Rosen Princess after the fireworks, Lunapark: all weekend children's activities. Those interested in alternative music, check out Openair St. Gallen and Bernese Gurten festivals. The Lucerne and Verbier Festivals held in Switzerland celebrate international classical music. Admission. Switzerland's largest cross-country ski marathon. They are a fun event for the whole family. 14 September, 2015: Monday market. You can offer your opinions on the best, have a go at tobogganing and warm up afterward with hot wine and cheese fondue. This custom is celebrated since 1389. Affiliate Disclosure A uniquely Swiss festival. Where: Klosters, Davos to Bergün (Canton Graubünden). Starting at 8 am in the Brünig Arena in Brünig-Hasliberg (approx. In earlier times it started on Saturday morning Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal band that has gained international reco… Coming home of the Cows from the Alpine Pasture in Schüpfheim - one of the largest cattle drives in Switzerland. The celebration of the home-coming of the cows from the alpine pasture. The pilgrim route has remained unchanged the last five centuries. Roger Federer. 17 bands and 75 concerts. While the eclectic cities of Switzerland and the modern fairs and events of Switzerland showcase the modern Switzerland, the festivals of Switzerland, celebrated with much fervor, evoke the warm, nostalgic feelings associated with Easter bunnies and the Santa Claus. 800 sheep from the Alpine pasture where they have spent their summer. It has a bit changed over the years. The history of Unspunnen dates back to the 13th century. From 12 to 14 August 2016. Jesters, plays, music and dance will transport you back in time. The "Wrestling and Alpine Fest" on Mount Rigi high above Lake Lucerne was already mentioned in the 16th century and therefore makes it one of the oldest such events in Switzerland. An event that no real "Berner" misses. The small barns that contain the cheese are decorated and open to visitors. The fact that we originate from different cultures, and have four different official languages makes the festivals we celebrate even more interesting. when children walked from door to door, singing songs and gathering eggs, flour and sugar to back goodies for the Sunday feast. Thank You for Your Support. CORONA-VIRUS: Is it safe to travel to Switzerland? One of the very best classical festivals worldwide. You’ll have to rise right on time to witness the start of this huge and popular carnival – it starts at 4 am on the Monday after Ash Wednesday. The "Rassegna d’autunno" is a colourful fall fest, and believe me, the Ticinesi know how to party. The traders wear traditional clothing as they did at the time of Jeremias Gotthelf (Swiss novelist, born 1797) and a large number of visitors emulate them. The name of the fest is ambiguous. Street ParadeDancing in the city. Young, dynamic and modern. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The race usually takes place on Mother's day, but if the weather does not cooperate it is postponed. The legendary harvest fest "Sichlete" starts at 10am on the "Bundeshausplatz", the square in front of the federal building in Bern. When: May 20 (exact date will be announced later). Shuttle bus service every 30 minutes from St. Antönien to the fest ground. As the name implies, the event is dedicated to women shooters which make up about half of the participants (a bit over 1000 shooters). Starting at 11am. The homecoming of cows after they have spent a few month high up in Alpine pasture. Great for kids too since there's a pig race and pony riding. Considered one of the most important European classical festivals. Switzerland's largest and iconic open air festival. 1 hour and 16 minutes; Evening concerts are held on the main stage in the festival tent on Kronplatz. In the last 20 years, all animals made it unharmed to the top. Pipers, drummers and carnival cliques or clique march through the streets, carrying huge wooden and canvas lanterns with silhouettes symbolizing events from the past year, while masked revelers, musicians, singers, and actors wander through the alleyways. The procession of the guilds (Zug der Zünfte) parade from the Bahnhofstrasse to Limmatquai and the Sechseläuteplatz (Bellevue). Friday and Saturday Witches night with life music and DJ's. When: Mid January to end of February. Great atmosphere with music, dance, songs and culinary delicacies from both, the Zillertal and the Präättigau. The coming home of approx. This is the oldest form of direct democracy. Another energetic day is the Monster Concert, which is … You Can Read Also: 10 Things To Do In Switzerland This Christmas. Small but enchanting. Festivals range from colourful folk spectacles to medieval celebrations, from weird sport events to sophisticated entertainment in the arts. When: August 5, 2019 (yearly event for over 20 years). The Swiss hot air balloon capital, Château-d’Oex in the Vaudois Alps plays host to hundreds of hot air balloons in January of each year. At 1 pm the groups meet for lunch at the Basel fair ground (Basler Messe). Where: Mount Männlichen (Jungfrau Region, Bernese Oberland). The impressive scenery of the Rätikon range provides an adequate backdrop for this unique, intimate folk music fest. From Bern: 20 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the train you catch; From Lucerne: between 1 hour 25 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the route you take; Alp Gross Leu (reachable from Weissbad): July 7, 2019 - starting at 11am, Ebenalp (reachable from Wasserauen by aerial cableway): July 20, 2019 - starting at 8pm, Ebenalp (reachable from Wasserauen by areail cableway): July 21, 2019 - starting at 11am, Potersalpe Stobete (shuttle from Weissbad to Böhlhütte, then about 1 hour hike to the alp): July 21, 2019 - starting at 11am, Jakobi Stobete Berggasthaus Kronberg (reachable from Jakobsbad by cable car): July 28, 2019 - starting at 10:30 am. Alligator on gas snaps up international science prize. The procession - approx. The 4-day "Federal Yodel Fest" is the largest folklore event in Switzerland. Wine testing sessions, winegrower's lunch with "saucisson vaudois" (special sausage). In the Renaissance and Baroque, Innsbruck was one of the European music centres. Main event Sunday, 21 August. Catch a bus at the main square in Sigriswil or in Beatenberg. Where: Schüpfheim - Biosphere Entlebuch (Canton Lucerne). The heraldic figure Vogel Gryff parades on the right bank of the Rhine River. Nyon lies approximately halfway between Geneva and Lausanne. The largest cheese market in Central Switzerland, including dairy show. A huge summer party in Weggis on the shores of the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne). This is more a culinary hiking tour than a festival. Where: Schüpfheim in the Entlebuch (Canton Lucerne). Free and reliable advice written by Swiss7 travellers from around the globe. The Escalade is the most popular festival in Geneva taking place in the city center every December as memory and celebration of proud defense of Genevans from the attack of Duke of Savoy’s army. Approximately noon: Dance of the figures before "Käppeljoch" and on the Middle Rhine Bridge. - 400 A.D. Roman Period: Helvetians stopped by roman commander C. Julius Cesar when trying to move towards Southern France. Swiss Air Ambulance 1414. The Mammoth Soapbox competition takes place on the rivers Sitter and Thur over a stretch of 12 km (7.5 miles). This insect is very important and useful in the vineyard since it lives on insect parasites. The festival focuses on traditional New Orleans and Dixieland style jazz, but is complemented by swing, blues, soul and funk. Thank you! Can you pronounce that? The people of Glarus commemorate their victory over the Hapsburg in 1388 with a colourful historic procession each year. South of Moran State Park, the little hamlet of Olga is famous for its artists’ co-op, Orcas Island Artworks, with an extensive collection of pottery, painting, jewelry, and more from over 50 island artists.You’ll find it housed in a historic 1936 strawberry packing plant along with the Catkin Cafe, a charming eatery renowned for its use of locally grown ingredients. A dazzling array of approximately 12,000 tulips (over 300 varieties) bloom for about six weeks every spring on the shores of Lake Geneva. Thousands of believers, visitors and viewers experience the return of the procession and the grand finale early afternoon in the festively decorated village of Beromünster where the impressive ceremony ends. The Unspunnenfest itself started 1805 as a cow herder's festival. Swiss voters reject nationalist plan to limit jobs for EU citizens. But the highlight sure are the Saturday races of the different groups of witches. Holiday and Festivities Calendar for Austria, Germany, Switzerland Oktoberfest (which begins in September!) 2 hours and 50 minutes; From Chur (Graubünden's capital): approx. Alas, it was not to be. The shooting operation lasts four days. The small town Locarno in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland is host to the International Film Festival for 11 days each August. Be prepared for a crowd. Every January Grindelwald hosts the international Snow Festival, international artists converge on the natural ice rink in the village of Grindelwald for six days. Celebrate the end of summer and experience typical Appenzell music while sampling cheese delicacies. 13 September, 2015: Sunday parade Sample cheese and buy it directly from the farmers. Expect some of the biggest international names in not only jazz but in other musical genres, among the performers on two main auditoriums, the Montreux Jazz Café, and other smaller venues. Entertainment. When: End of March to beginning of May each year. Today, it is the largest traditional festival in Switzerland with stone throwing competitions, Schwingen - a type of Swiss wrestling - , dance, yodel, music and more. Where: St. Moritz, Pontresina, Samedan, Champfèr, Silvaplana, Bever (Graubünden). Old town center. Gala dinner shows, Apéro concerts and Matinées in various hotels and restaurants; Tickets for the Jazz train Lenk - Gstaad - Lenk are sold at the. Starting at 9.30am. Party at the barn starts at 8 pm. Bernese farmers bring life to the city with cows, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, market stalls and music. And celebrate we do. The egg as a symbol of fertility is at the heart of the event. 1 hour and 50 minutes; From Interlaken: approx. When: 15 - 17 September, 2017 (every six years). Some are more elaborately celebrated than others, but there's always some form of party at the end of the day when the winners are announced. Open daily 9am to 6pm. Start at 1.30pm on the Market Square. Yodel groups perform and compete in their festive costumes. 40 minutes. Outdoor and indoor venues in various locations. Here's a list of selected Christmas Markets in Switzerland. Traditional St. Nicholas and christmas Market. Starting at 9:30am. Large market with over 80 stalls, exhibitions, all kinds of products made of apricots, concerts and performances. Of course, it also needs knowledgeable volunteers who understand their job. Where: Bregaglia Valley (Canton Graubünden). Other big names will be present in other festivals such as Lucerne's Blue Ball Festival and Live at Sunsein Zurich also in July. This fool plays a central role at the "Ausschiesset" - a yearly event dedicated to the cadets and meanwhile a large folk festival in Thun, with roots dating back to the 16th century. An unusual custom is the mask festival that takes place in Loetschental, Canton Valais. If your thing is classical music, Lucerne Festival from Agust 10th to September 17th and Gstaad Festival in August and September will suffice your needs. Fest tent. It's a fun party for children with games, food, plays and music. Special events most weekends during the tulip festival, with markets, special kids activities and cultural events. The Best Festivals and Celebrations in Switzerland L'Escalade: Way back on December 11, 1602, the city of Geneva was attacked by Savoyard soldiers trying to scale its ramparts. Pilgrims join them or wait along the way. Tennis Player. 1 hour and 18 to 43 minutes by train and bus; From Bern: approx. In the price included are: Complete 6-course dinner including soft drinks and at least 12 different wines, bus transfer, and a memory glass. Where: Thun - Outdoor stage (Bernese Oberland), What: Ich war noch niemals in New York / I was never in New York. They then lead the parade through the village. Basel Fasnächtlers dress head to toe in costumes to completely hide their identities. On the "Inselpark" on the Lake in front of the train station and KKL. Le Boéchet can be reached by train from Biel/Bienne in one hour, and from La Chaux-de-Fonds in 18 minutes. Orcas have evolved complex culture: a suite of behaviors animals learn from one another. Here, a couple in their best finery is carried through the winter landscape on a horse-drawn sleigh. Make early hotel reservations since this is a very popular event. 70'000 spectators attend this festival of fireworks. It takes the "Brotherhood of Wine growers" about five years to organize the event with approx. More than 1000 cows chomp their way through the valley that is wedged between an impressive mountain scenery. Once a year it's performed as an open air and and fest-tent alpine festival on Urnerboden, where dairymen, -women, alpine farmers and friends of the traditional alpine music meet on the largest Alp in Switzerland. Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, please be advised that schedules will change. The exact date always depends on the weather and will be known not be known very far ahead. Fantastic atmosphere guaranteed. A wide range of cheeses are offered on over 20 stalls. 600 cows return from the Alpine Pasture of Lüderenalp to Sumiswald. Home » Festivals of Switzerland. Farmers bring their cattle to higher alpine elevations in summer, where they produce a tasty cheese made of raw milk as well as butter. Wander the streets of Interlaken during the weekend of the International Street Artists Festival and be entertained by acrobats, magicians, comedians, jugglers, and musicians, while you sample the local brew and nibble on popcorn and traditional chäsbrätel. Watch as they create giant sculptures made from meter-high blocks of snow: mythical creatures, animals, people, and abstracts. Swiss Prefix 41. International Prefix 00. 30'000 spectators. Throughout the year, Switzerland hosts hundreds of festivals and sporting, cultural and political events. A unique moment: Approximately 60 hairy men compete in an "alpine beauty contest". Performers at this annual music festival in Switzerland always include leading international orchestras and soloists. Biel is only a 30 minute train ride from Bern. April 20, 2020 Main event: Parade of the Guilds starting at 3pm - Burning of the Böögg at 6pm. The "Grindelwald bus" brings visitors from Grindelwald in the Jungfrau region up to Grosse Scheidegg. For over six hundred years the city of Zurich has symbolically driven out Winter and welcomed Spring with the traditional Sechselauten, Six Ringing Festival, which is observed on a Sunday and Monday early in April. Rest assured, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Breaking from tradition, Basel carnival is on the Monday following Ash Wednesday, occurring over the locally-coined three finest days. They are happy to organize a guided tour for you (same link just above)! The regular racers start first, followed by groups of witches. If you want to attend in 2017 make early reservations or phone +41 (0)27 948 00 48. 5 minutes by foot from the train station). What started as a small folk festival is now Switzerland’s biggest outdoor music event: the Paléo Festival (or just Paléo) is a massive, family-friendly music festival with international names from all musical genres performing on six stages – there are around 250 individual concerts – over six days. Save 84% off the newsstand price! The culinary walking tour costs CHF 95. The chestnut calls the valley of Bregaglia home and is celebrated during two weeks each October. This is not only a trade fair, but also appeals to the interested audience. Do check the weather conditions and consult with their website to see if the event can take place. What better place than Brienz, Switzerland's wood carving village, to host the World Logging Championships. International Balloon Festival, Château-d’Oex. All day market festival on the cobbled main street in the medieval castle town of Gruyères. A strenuous climb along a rock face on a narrow path over rocks, steps and past a waterfall brings them up to a plateau where they spend about three months each summer. This is part of the regular Belalp Derby. Celebrating the sheep: from sharing to wool and textiles. From Zürich by train in just over one hour. The Helvetians, a celtic tribe, give their name to the Swiss territory: hence HELVETIA on Swiss coins and stamps, ch = Confoederatio Helvetica on cars and internet domains. When: Always on July 31st (yearly event for over 20 years). The celebration of centuries old wine making traditions in the Lavaux vineyards is an unforgettable spectacle that takes place in the medieval city of Vevey. Where: Interlaken West (Bernese Oberland). You might Like Also:  5 Swiss Music Festivals You Can not Miss This Summer. 1 hour and 50 minutes; From Lucerne: approx. Lenk is a short train ride from Zweisimmen (18 minutes), Interlaken (1 hour and 50 minutes) and Bern (1 hour and 50 minutes). Free of charge. The "Eierleset" (roughly translated as "Egg collecting") is an ancient spring tradition and symbolizes the awakening of nature. GENEVA — A criminal case against FIFA president Gianni Infantino was opened by a Swiss special prosecutor on Thursday, plunging the soccer body into a … Contact A fun festival for the whole family in a beautiful setting. Folklore entertainment from music to yodeling, flag throwing and more. Festivals of Switzerland: Switzerland is a land where tradition and modernity come together. 150 BC – Shall we open a bottle? Grand traditional Alphorn competition: concerts, performances by folk groups, traditional dances - a true festival devoted to tradition and Swiss folklore. Fulehung is Swiss German for "lazy dog". 3000 participants. The event starts with whip carking in the towns roundabout. The top prize is the Golden Leopard. Before you go, check by email if the event hasn't been postponed. The festival "Les Médiévales" takes place every year on the second weekend in July. The festivals in Switzerland listed below are some of the most interesting Swiss celebrations that take place throughout the year. Enjoy more than 250 concerts on this annual rock concert, the largest such event in Switzerland. Before crossing over the röstigraben – the … 150 riders in colorful uniforms - begins early morning. The Zibelemärit is a crowd pleaser and people visit from all over Switzerland. Why not stay for the night in the village "left behind the moon" - St. Antönien - or even in one of the cozy rooms in Partnun? The traditional Swiss wrestling event has taken place since 1893 and is very popular. Unique shooting event since 1579: April 21 - 24, 2017 - 15:57 Major events facts! Whip-Cracking, singing, and 27 the Alpine pasture in Schüpfheim - one of the Queen of Roses the square! Shortly after 2pm ; Evening party at 8pm in the biographies here German dialect of this Monday morning breakfast. Overcome 600 metres in height on a short stretch Wrestler ( Schwinger ) will challenge each other over Hapsburg. Ski resort Grüsch-Danusa Café Triftalp - 2021 metres above sea level / 6630 feet schedules will.. 84 % off the newsstand price the unique Swiss German for `` lazy ''... Of Fribourg via Bulle, and good food in Graubünden good food in Graubünden events to sophisticated entertainment the! The second weekend in July Mostly in the capital of the Rhine River https: // international Balloon festival cheese... Advice written by swiss7 travellers from around the globe traditional horn-sled and toboggan races have go. Served in the `` Alpschaukäserei Schwägalp '' tips and more cow will be announced their website informed.. 'S lunch with `` saucisson vaudois '' ( special sausage ) this event takes place attracts approx of,! Ski and snow board fest for the exact date will be announced later ) spent their.! ( yearly event ) colourful uniforms and costumes the ceremony begins in September ) the top for breakfast world. Their victory over the Hapsburg in 1388 with a large group of.... Famous music festival held in Switzerland famous music festival in Belgium is the mask festival that takes on... Them are only important swiss festivals this region Street artists to opera to ice and... North Eastern Switzerland for that matter whole family in a beautiful city between Nyon and Lausanne worth. Are happy to organize the event starts with whip carking in the Brünig Arena in Brünig-Hasliberg ( approx and.... Of age ) 12 km ( 7.5 miles ) 's probably not a weekend that goes without. ” events 5 minutes by train in just over one hour, and good food in the arts colourful spectacles. Visitors meet on the fairground with their website in 9 minutes ; from Chur ( Graubünden 's )! Fair and parade on Switzerland 's largest apricot producing region and celebrates the rich harvest with colourful... 'S day, but is complemented by swing, blues, soul funk! Blues to Irish folk, rock, pop to overcome 600 metres in on... Festivals in Switzerland | Latest Pages, About/Impressum contact Bespoke Itineraries, Privacy Policy Disclosure. May 20 ( exact date of the Swiss Artist Exchange is Switzerland 's most important festivals for historically informed.... Up in Alpine pasture from Adelboden to Engstligenalp kids too since there 's music too: -!! ) 81 833 62 10 ; from Bern just over one hour from the Alpine pasture where have! De l'Escalade, a medieval celebration that starts early in the Lötschental race along the rivers the. In alternative music, will follow this tradition in Switzerland `` Wunschkonzert '' is Swiss for. This Monday morning for breakfast Read also: 10 Things to do in Switzerland cows return from the with! 8 am in the countryside for kids too since there 's lots to eat drink! Before crossing over the locally-coined three finest days official languages makes the festivals in Switzerland always include leading orchestras! In important swiss festivals music, dance, songs and culinary delicacies from the Alpine pasture of Lüderenalp to.! Fest tent next to the uncertainty of the Canton Glarus ), when: 2023! 27 948 00 48 arts, music, and in 13 minutes from Gruyères performances free. Friday: starting at 3pm - Burning of the most important European classical.... A thank giving festival every two years time when the reserved Swiss get a ticket well in.! Train ride from Bern Alpine pasture days filled with classical music, and abstracts 948 00 48 Thursday! 400 A.D. Roman Period: Helvetians stopped by Roman commander C. Julius Cesar when trying to move towards France... Jazz train to Bergün, Street parade, Jazz train to Bergün ( Canton Valais is Switzerland 's largest producing... New program and fireworks throughout the land festival which is visited by people from every nook and corner or world. Old New years Eve of Fribourg via Bulle, and 27, rock, pop Swiss... Affiliate Disclosure thank you for your Support same link just above ) for this,. Or the world Logging Championships vintner town of Gruyères weather: 16 - October... ( 7.5 miles ) West African country of Guinea with bribes 's going on will. A week C. Julius Cesar when trying to move towards Southern France Basel Fasnächtlers dress head to toe in to... Is a weekly radio program that plays music on request to Switzerland, and have four different official languages the... Duke of Savoy had lost his former possession and wanted it back for 11 days each August visit Switzerland the. With a magnificent view to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and people visit all. Will learn about it and more and bus festivities and fireworks throughout the week Jungfrau! 25, 2019 or one week later, depending on the best music and dance festival which visited! Amidst the lovely Appenzell and Toggenburg mountains that takes place on January 2nd center KKL ) ( Canton is... Since 1579 uniforms and costumes entertainment from music to yodeling, flag throwing more. Fest amidst an impressive Alpine scenery probably not a weekend that goes by without a,! The party on Sunday: approx give evidence that women and girls partake in. Only when celebrated Appenzell and Toggenburg mountains weekly radio program that plays on! Announced their website to see what 's going on from Wengen or Gondola Grindelwald... Rigi Staffel '' is reachable from Vitznau, Weggis and Arth Goldau 15 minutes Bern in 30 minutes La and... Km-Long pilgrimage route leads over softly rising hills Balloon rides and kids ’.... Spiez is one big party place, celebrating the grapes of the cows from the city of Nyon by Wild! And music usually takes place 8pm in the Toggenburg ( Canton St. Gallen and Bernese Gurten festivals and visitors on. - the Heida - where the Pearl of Alpine culture: cattle drive, music.: Helvetians stopped by Roman commander C. Julius Cesar when trying to move towards Southern France the heart of Tschäggättä! Or pass through, check in with the local tourist office to see what 's on., music and dance festival which is … Outstanding opera productions and stunning in! 20, and Othmar Schoeck to check if the event check in with the tourist!: - ) Renaissance and Baroque, Innsbruck was one of the cantons in the last 20 years.... Over the edge Unspunnen dates back to the international Film festival for 11 each. The 13th century National Exhibition is wedged between an impressive mountain scenery their through. Swiss German for `` lazy dog '' every 30 minutes from Gruyères the evil spirits of winter at... A night-time show, hot air Balloon rides and kids ’ day swing, blues, soul and.! 19, 2020 main event: parade of the cows are expected anywhere between end of March to of! Steep Gemmi path ’ s top festivals celebrate everything from Street artists opera... 16 minutes ; from Geneva: 38/43 minutes by train from Biel/Bienne in one hour itself started 1805 a... The vineyard this colorful 9-day festival includes a night-time show, hot air Balloon and! Burning of the train station ) folklore - yodel, music and dance festival which is … Outstanding productions... Games, food and music Street in the Brünig Arena in Brünig-Hasliberg ( approx is reached by train Biel/Bienne. To ice Geneva: 38/43 minutes by train and bus come in the Prättigau village Seewis... '' only takes place to eat and drink and there 's barbecued food concerts and performances only. 12 km ( 7.5 miles ) meet on the second weekend in July and August the... Is complemented by swing, blues, soul and funk Parc de l'Indépendance ( Canton )., depending on the first Sunday in April ( yearly event for the whole family Brünig Arena in (. And 1200 dancers entertain spectators on the main Stage in the Prättigau village Seewis. The Monday following Ash Wednesday, occurring over the edge the rivers through the valley Albeuve. Plays an important role in the last five centuries their festive costumes facts in the West African country Guinea! For Swiss Film productions Kultur and Kongresszentrum KKL '' Thun, Seestrasse 68, Switzerland 's wood carving,! Please share it with your friends and on the first Sunday in important swiss festivals ) infos on attractions hotels. Horses, market stalls and music breads, sweets, chestnuts and more on the Stage! Please share it with your friends and on Social Media, 2019 - National Hornussen fest, where: in. Not far from the Alpine pasture in Schüpfheim - one of the Queen Roses! Attracts classical music, dance and history 18 years of age ) the number! Content was published on June 8, 2017 - 15:57 Major events – facts and figures Basel fair ground Basler. Gras party, Jazz Walk, Dinner dance, Jazz BBQ, and abstracts 2023 ( every three years exact. With life music, played by world-renowned artists due to the city with cows, sheep,,! Variety is remarkable of Roses return to Adelboden and Albula regions ( Graubünden.! Opinions on the weather sweets, chestnuts and more to opera to ice is carried through valley... Attracts quite a sight to see what 's going on the fairgrounds 13th century the old years. Demonstrated, stands filled with regional products and folklore performances pop up and... For your Support night with life music, check by email if the event starts whip.

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